About Us

At XLByte, innovation is a way of life. We think, connect and hatch new ideas to build innovative platforms that solve real-world problems. Being visionaries, what we see is our soul in things aiming to develop products that benefit millions. XL Byte is a team of software addicts, conveniently headquartered in Bangalore (the garden city of India), Karnataka. We are smart and committed and our passion and creativity is unmatched.

Our Expertise and Knowledge Base

XLByte team holds more than a decades of experience in delivering excellence. John Keats has rightly said “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced”. We together experienced risk, failure and even success. And today the only source of our knowledge is our experience.

To date, We have worked on various projects spanning multiple industries. We believe: Thought is the process, Knowledge the approach and Clients the Furnace. Intelligence comes from imagination, and with our process oriented approach we deliver the best o our clients.





What Clients Say About Us

XLByte has mix of clients spanning multiple industries with multiple projects. Our strength is our clients and our long term partnership with them.

The XLByte team really impressed us with their creativity, enthusiasm and contacts. Since starting work together they have proven to be extremely flexible and adaptable.
R. Reddy
Reserve Realty

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